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My Certified Translations is the #1 choice for professional certified translations. Contact My Certified Translations today to experience our friendly service.

Certified Translation with MyCertifiedTranslations.com

Certified Translations service with MyCertifiedTranslations.com makes applying for USCIS visa, citizenship, green cards simple, fast and affordable.  Our offices can process most documents in about 24 hours, and we are available 7 days per week to assist you at a time that is convenient for you and your family.

You may also order a certified translation for use with the Department of Motor Vehicles, College or University Applications, Employment, Mortgage Application, or any other official legal purpose.

Certified translations from MyCertifiedTranslations.com arrive conveniently at your home or office via the shipping option of your choice.  All certified translations are notarized for your security and arrive with the official embossed seal of New York State in accordance with US law.

Certified translation options

Languages offered include over 99 of the most popular languages around the globe, including French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Thai, and more.  Certified translations can also arrive to you notarized, with apostille document or registered by the embassy or consulate of any country.

Certified translation service

Certified translation services do not have to be complicated or expensive. MyCertifiedTranslations.com offers a fast and simple solution for any official translation need.  Certified and notarized translation for USCIS or any state or federal agency starts at a low price and service is overnight.

Certified English Translation

Any document that was issued by a foreign government can be submitted to our service for translation by expert legal translators.  Certified English translation of your documents is ready in about 1 day, and all translations are certified and notarized for your protection. Certified English translation can be used in USCIS, employment, college or university, or any other legal or official purpose.

Spanish Certified Translations

Spanish translation is available for any document, as is certified Spanish translation into English for the purpose of applying for citizenship, school admittance or employment. If you or a member of your family was born in another country and the documents exist in Spanish, we can perform a legal and official Spanish certified translations into English for you at a low price.