Birth Certificate Translation

Birth Certificate Translation

Birth Certificate Translation is an important service that has offered our customers for over 30 years.

Our Birth Certificate Translation services are:

  • Notarized
  • Certified
  • Approved

Birth certificate translation is an important first step for processing your US immigration application, visa paperwork, family visa, K-1 Visa and K-3 visa applications.

How Long Does It Take To Order a Birth Certificate Translation?

Usually your order is ready within 24 hours, or one business day.

How Much Does it Cost to Order Birth Certificate Translation?

Services begin at $19.95 per document. Your Document Specialist will assist you in quickly finding out the cost for birth certificate translation.

Statue of Liberty | USCIS Birth Certificate

Statue of Liberty | USCIS Birth Certificate


Birth Certificate Translation

Certified Official Birth Certificate Translation, Notarized

Most of us have dealt with long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles, lots of waiting at the courthouse while the judge decides whether you are part of a jury, and hassles getting our government to provide us with anything on time. So imagine the struggle of an immigrant to the United States. He or she wants to apply but knows the process is difficult – and that one simple error on their application can make or break it. And while you can check and double-check your application forms over and over again, there’s one thing you can’t verify: a translated birth certificate USCIS.Once the translation company is done with your translation, it can be difficult to determine whether they’ve done it right. And if they haven’t, you’re in for months of delay, followed by a request to resubmit certain materials. We already know there’s a backlog of immigration visa requests – a mistake on your birth certificate translation USCIS moves you even further back in line.So where can you turn for the best Certified Translations around? You’ll want to find someone who has experience providing fast, accurate translations at the lowest price. But more importantly, you want a translation that is guaranteed to pass muster with immigration officials.

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Birth Certificate Translation Packages

Services are available to fit any budget or requirements. If your birth certificate translation is required in a short time frame, our packages can be available to you in just a few hours. Most birth certificate translations are available in 24 hours or less. Packages can include several notarized, certified copies of your birth certificate translation, expedited shipping costs or other custom requirements to fit any application package.

Birth Certificate Translation Packages Start at just $19.95

Uses for Birth Certificate Translation

USCIS – United States Customs and Immigration Services – is just one of the many reasons to order a certified birth certificate translation. Local agencies may request copies of a certified birth certificate translation for obtaining a drivers license, professional licensing, student aid public services and other official purposes.  Additionally, banks may require English-language Certified Translations  of your person documents in order to issue loans, mortgage financing or other banking products.

What are the Elements of a Certified Translation?

A certified translation of a birth certificate is identified by the translator’s statement and signature. By signing the document, the translator attests to the accuracy of the contents of the translation. The translator must be a US resident and must also provide their legal address and legal name.

Obviously the most important element of the certified translation is the document itself, which should be an accurate word-for-word translation of your original birth certificate. The translator must interpret the local terminology from the original document and country and use English and US-appropriate terminology so that the document can be properly interpreted by any agency working with the document.

What translation company has the least rejections
by USCIS for the longest period of time?

That translation company is none other than My Certified Translations. In over 30 years of business, we have yet to have a single document be rejected by USCIS. That’s right: zip, nada, zilch. And why is that? Because your birth certificate translation USCIS is treated with the utmost care and attention by our qualified, professional translators. We don’t just save the best translators for the big jobs – even your birth certificate is important business to us.

Our translators are some of the fastest in the business too, with many birth certificate translation USCIS being completed in an average of 24 hours! We can even accommodate rush translation service to get your translations done even faster.
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