Brazilian Birth Certificate Translation

Brazilian Birth Certificate Translation


Services are primarily sought by citizens of the state who are planning to apply for a Green Card and eventual citizenship in the United States. This is primarily because the language that is used on Brazilian birth certificates is Portuguese; in order for the birth certificate to be properly understood and accepted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, it should first undergo a rigid translation from Portuguese to English.

It can be quite expensive to subscribe to professional translation services from Portuguese to English, but when it comes to working on legal documents for citizenship applications such as birth certificates, these services tend to be worth the investment. The people who work on such translation services are not only fluent in Portuguese and English-they are as well knowledgeable in the migration and citizenship laws and legal structures of both countries, thus they know how to draft birth certificates that can be certified as authentic and suited for legal use.

Brazilian Birth Certificate Translation - Uses of Portuguese Birth Certificate Translation

The birth certificate serves as the applicant’s identification card, especially when in the United States. It is not only used to apply for a Green Card or US citizenship, but as well as in processing an American passport, marriage license and visa, fiancé visa, H1B visa, and other types of immigration visas. The birth certificate is also presented when applying for a driver’s license at the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Information Details of Brazilian Birth Certificate Translation

The certidao de nascimento, or birth certificate, contains the individual’s complete name, maiden name, sex, name of parents, date of birth, birthplace, the name of issuing agency and place where the registration was filed, and the name and position of the signing officer.

In Brazil, birth certificates may be acquired at the Civil Registry, Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths, Interdictions and Guardianship at Registered Office, Office of the Civil Registrar of Natural Persons, and the Vital Registry Office.

Coverage of Brazilian Birth Certificate Translation Services

Brazilian Birth Certificate Translation services cover basic translation of the original text from Portuguese to English, application of the necessary information on their corresponding fields in the English birth certificate drafts, and notarization of “Certified Translations” of the translation agency.

Translated birth certificates adhere to U.S. government requirements, such as the Federal Regulations 8 CFR 103.2 b 2 relating to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Successfully translated birth certificates receive the seal of “Certified by Translator.” This holds important as only certified and notarized translated birth certificates are accepted by US government agencies as part of their application requirements.

Costs of Brazilian Birth Certificate Translation Services

Brazilian birth certificate translation services tend to be slightly more expensive than other translation services for neighboring countries due to its differences in translation styles and formats. Processing of translations usually take around 5-7 days and are delivered through custom shipment. Prices tend to be higher for rush orders, as the translation procedures go through protocols faster, and delivery rates require added costs to have the papers sent on time.