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Rob and Jessica Archer of Midland, Michigan, started their Haitian adoption in 2008, hoping to bring their two children to the United States for a better life. They patiently navigated the grueling process, providing birth certificate certified translation and all the other relevant documentation, knowing someday that the adoptions would be finalized.

However, their adoptions hit a snag in January 2010, when the Haitian earthquake struck. The childrens’ orphanages were destroyed, and so they were among a group of children in the process of Haitian adoption brought to the United States by the military after the disaster struck.

Expecting the rest of the adoption process to go smoothly, they had no idea that they would face a bureaucratic nightmare in trying to get the Haitian adoption finalized. The Archers lived in fear that their children would have to be returned to Haiti as they were barred from submitting the rest of the adoption paperwork.

However, the couple’s prayers were answered when Michigan Rep. Dave Camp and his assistant Tom Smith worked to expedite the children’s green cards. The adoptions were finalized at last June 20.

Now the couple can begin to relax, knowing that their Haitian adoption is complete. The children are happy, excited to be attending Midland Christian School and enjoying amenities unknown in Haiti, such as electricity and hot running water. Their adoption journey is at an end, thanks to the hard work and dedication of their parents and others who made their Haitian adoption a reality.

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