Russian Adoption

Adoption disputes crop up from time to time between nations. To prevent exploitation of children and adoptive families, new regulations are often passed – but sometimes they don’t meet the strict requirements that other nations impose. Both Guatemala and Vietnam have run into issues with their US adoption agreements, causing adoptions and Apostille birth certificates to sit idle.

However, if you are seeking a Russian adoption, you’ll be excited to hear that the United States and Russia have reached an agreement to continue adoptions – but at a higher level of adoption scrutiny. Expect important documents such as Apostille birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other translated identification to be looked at under a microscope during current and future Russian adoptions.

Officials hoped the agreement would end mistrust between officials and usher in a new age of good communication between Russia and the United States on these contentious issues.

As one of the countries with the largest American adoptions (over 50,000 since 1991), Russia has demanded greater oversight of adoptive families to prevent cases of neglect or abuse. But one likely source of discontent for adoption officials was the differing adoption regulations in each U.S. state.

Meanwhile, thousands of children remain in Russian orphanages, and while their homes and facilities have improved over the years, plenty of rough spots still remain. If Russia cleans up their act, they may decide to require Apostille documents by signing onto the Hague Convention.

Apostille birth certificates are often requested by countries who are signatories to the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption and the Apostille Convention. Some of the most popular adoption countries, such as China, require the Apostille certified translation. An official certified to certify these Apostille birth certificates will certify the authenticity of the document. Then other countries can be sure of their accuracy.

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