Translating Birth Certificates

When seeking out certified translation services, whom do you choose? Well, there are a few simple things you look for: a strong reputation for providing accurate translations, affordable rates, fast service, and great customer service. Those are the things you look for in any business, really.

But even more important is determining what you DON’T want when choosing a certified translation service. The risk of fraud is present in any company, not just untrusted businesses on the Internet. But there are four great rules of thumb to keep in mind when choosing certified translation services.

1) Don’t go with a “notario.”

In many Latin American countries, a notario is a licensed, regulated profession who, while not full attorneys, are still authorized to assist people in various legal matters, including immigration. When there’s government oversight, there’s a greater chance of them providing great legal and translation services.

However, if you hire a notario in the United States, be prepared for some trouble. Not only are notarios are an unregulated profession here, but their practices of offering legal advice are technically illegal (only licensed attorneys can give legal advice). A notary certification is meaningless – that only gives you the authority to authorize legal documents and nothing more. If you think notarios are great choices for certified translation service, think again.

2) Don’t let anyone keep your original documents.

The risk of identity theft when giving away your original documents is incredibly high. A less-than-reputable translations company could hold your important documents “hostage,” only releasing them after exorbitant fees have been paid. A reputable translations company will NEVER require you to send copies of your birth certificate or other official documents.

3) Never sign any blank forms or documents you don’t understand.

Giving someone a blank form is the equivalent of handing them a black check. If you need immigration forms translated, be careful not to put your signature on ANY documents until you have received them back. Certified translation services who want to steal your identity or help someone with a fraudulent immigration will take your signature and commit fraud, so be careful of any company who requires your signature on documents before they can be translated.

4) Get your immigration information from the US government, not from your translations company.

While this blog occasionally discusses immigration law and provides you with some basic information, you should never trust any source on the Internet completely for adoption information – except the US government. Check out the USCIS website for the information you’ll need to complete your certified translation, or consult a licensed attorney. Certified translations services who offers you legal advice on your immigration are likely less than reputable.

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A dossier translation is an important part of your international adoption procedures. With a translation of all those important documents, you can complete the process and be well on your way to completing the adoption process.

You’ll need to find the services of a competent certified translation company if you wish to complete that dossier translation on time. But how do you choose which translations company to pick? There are three great pieces of advice to guide you in that decision.

1) Only choose a translations company that doesn’t ask you to send in your original documents.

In this day and age, you can never be too careful. Identity theft is rampant on the Internet and is a danger you face in simple day-to-day activities – even using an ATM can expose your account information to others. Making sure your USCIS birth certificate and other important documents are protected is key to a successful dossier translation. Make sure that you only submit copies of those original documents to a translations company; otherwise, you could find your identity stolen and your adoption delayed.

2) Go with a domestic translations company for faster and more reliable service.

Unexpected delays will occur with most translations companies. A good customer-support staff can keep you apprised as to the progress on your document translation and give you a reasonable time frame in which they’ll have them done.

However, if your translations company is located in a foreign country, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of that progress. Any dispute you have with that translations company may be impossible to resolve. Therefore, it’s best to go with a translation company in your home country in order to complete your dossier translation.

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Your USCIS birth certificate is one of the most important identifying documents you can possess. It records important information about you: your name, your birth date and place, and your parents. Using it, you can obtain identification, apply for immigration, among a host of other things.

Unfortunately, that important document is also highly valued by fraudsters and those wishing to steal your identity for immigration purposes. Rampant identity theft of these important documents can lead to someone stealing these important documents and creating ID, credit cards, and loans from your good name. A less-than-reputable translations site could take your original USCIS birth certificate, copy it, and create a facsimile that can be used for identity theft and fraud.

And identity theft can have huge consequences. Your credit score will plummet, making it considerably more difficult to borrow for loans. It will take years to clean your name and reputation. So protecting those important documents should be your top priority when seeking a dossier translation of your important documents.

What can you do to prevent identity theft? Probably the most important thing is to never go with a certified translation company that asks you to send in your original documents. That is a clear trigger that the company wants to engage in fraud. Any reputable translations company will merely ask for a copy of your USCIS birth certificate, by either scanning it in and sending it electronically, or transmitting it via fax. While no method of transmission is 100% reliable, it still ensures that your original documents are safe in your hands.

If you think you have been a victim of translation company shysters, contact the three credit agencies immediately and ask them to put a hold on your account. This will prevent someone who has stolen your USCIS birth certificate from opening credit cards or applying for loans without your permission. Your identity will then be safe from the worst.

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Do you need for your legal documents to be accepted by a foreign government? Are you filing for an international adoption? Then it’s very likely that you’re going to need to obtain an Apostille – most often, that’s a birth certificate Apostille.

An Apostille is obtained from a certified government official in a country where the Apostille Convention has been signed. This agreement basically lays out the rules for how an Apostilled document can be accepted by a foreign government and how one goes about obtaining one. By signing onto this international agreement, these countries are able to fulfill certain obligations under the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption regarding certified translation.

That convention deals specifically with the requirement for specific identifying documents to prove the identity – or marriage – of the parents. So a birth certificate Apostille or a marriage Apostille must be obtained for any documents submitted to that foreign country’s adoption department. Upon acceptance on those documents, the foreign government can look at the Apostille and see that the document was properly authenticated by a certified official in the other country. That birth certificate Apostille official attested to the accuracy of the documents in question, so they can either implicitly trust the authenticity or call the specific official for any questions they have regarding the document.

This process of a government authenticating documents with a foreign Apostille official can be time-consuming. So, in order to speed the process even more, some Apostille officials have begun to post records of what documents they have certified online. That way, if an official has questions about whether their birth certificate Apostille is authentic, they can simply check online.

Unless you’re willing to track down a proper Apostille official to obtain this important certification, you’ll need to obtain both a birth certificate translation AND a birth certificate Apostille. Often a company will only do one or the other, requiring you to spend more money, time, and energy getting the necessary documents prepared.

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Adoption disputes crop up from time to time between nations. To prevent exploitation of children and adoptive families, new regulations are often passed – but sometimes they don’t meet the strict requirements that other nations impose. Both Guatemala and Vietnam have run into issues with their US adoption agreements, causing adoptions and Apostille birth certificates to sit idle.

However, if you are seeking a Russian adoption, you’ll be excited to hear that the United States and Russia have reached an agreement to continue adoptions – but at a higher level of adoption scrutiny. Expect important documents such as Apostille birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other translated identification to be looked at under a microscope during current and future Russian adoptions.

Officials hoped the agreement would end mistrust between officials and usher in a new age of good communication between Russia and the United States on these contentious issues.

As one of the countries with the largest American adoptions (over 50,000 since 1991), Russia has demanded greater oversight of adoptive families to prevent cases of neglect or abuse. But one likely source of discontent for adoption officials was the differing adoption regulations in each U.S. state.

Meanwhile, thousands of children remain in Russian orphanages, and while their homes and facilities have improved over the years, plenty of rough spots still remain. If Russia cleans up their act, they may decide to require Apostille documents by signing onto the Hague Convention.

Apostille birth certificates are often requested by countries who are signatories to the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption and the Apostille Convention. Some of the most popular adoption countries, such as China, require the Apostille certified translation. An official certified to certify these Apostille birth certificates will certify the authenticity of the document. Then other countries can be sure of their accuracy.

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