Vietnamese Birth Certificate Translation

You expect your international adoption to be a complicated affair. The process can often take an entire year to complete, requiring paperwork, visitation of your adopted child, fees, birth certificate translations, and adoption agency interviews. The last thing you want is an expected delay or rejection of your adoption application due to incomplete certified translation.

For those who are adopting from Vietnam, the process just became all the more difficult. Adoptions from the Communist country have been suspended by the United States indefinitely due to concerns over birth certificate translations fraud as well as allegations of baby selling.

While the 2008 suspension of adoptions allowed most international adoptions to go forward, 16 Vietnamese children in orphanages from the southern Bac Lieu province have been indefinitely delayed due to the government moratorium. This process has been especially painful with adoptive families who had already made strong emotional connections with their children.

The case has led to concern by U.S. Senators over the State Department’s handling of the adoptions. Two prominent Senators have placed holds on affirming President Barack Obama’s nomination for an ambassador to Vietnam, citing the government’s handling of the cases in their decision.

Meanwhile, one of the orphanages in question – a two-roomed, former prison in the Mekong Delta, still holds many of the impoverished children, including those of Marsha Sailors. She stated that despite irregularities in the birth certificate translations provided by the orphanage, they still hope to adopt the children. Vietnam indicated that if the US approved further adoptions, they would institute the requirements under the Hague Convention for Intercountry Adoption and allow the children to be adopted once again. However, the parents have to hope that the kids aren’t adopted out to families in Vietnam first.

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