Financial statement translation

Any time you’re translating an English document into a foreign language (or vice versa), you need the services of a certified translator to do the job right. While you may possess some of the language skills necessary, only an experienced certified translation company has the resources to give you a 100% accurate translation. And that couldn’t be more important than with financial document translation.

When dealing with financial documents, you want your translations to be spot-on. Here are three good reasons to seek out accurate financial document translation:

1) You want only the most accurate translations for your business dealings.

When providing a financial document translation to a business or corporate client, you want them to get the full, accurate picture. Mistakes will only confuse your dealings and hamper the deal. With an accurately translated financial document, your company will gain success and recognition as a thorough, careful business.

2) Your immigration may count on accurate financial document translation.

If you’re applying for a visa, then you may have to obtain a financial statement translation. With that document detailing your finances, you can prove to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that you have the means to support yourself and don’t need a financial sponsorship while in the United States. The US government doesn’t want to take in immigrants who will end up requiring government assistance, so an accurate calculation of how much money you have and what expenses you can incur will make your immigration easier.

With a financial document translation, you can see that your dealings abroad become a lot easier. Whether you decide to come to the US with an employment or family visa, or you want to contract with companies abroad, having that accurate set of numbers will make it easier for others to understand your financial situation.

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Business deals criss-cross the country at the world every day. Contracts are made between parties thousands of miles away. So, with our ever-expanding international economy, it’s easy to see why a financial statement translation would be necessary.

A financial statement allows businesses in foreign countries to understand the balance sheet of your individual, business, or corporate assets. This important document typically contains information on the assets and liabilities your company holds. When a business understands these numbers and what they say about how your business is run, then they can make an informed decision on whether to enter into a deal with you.

It’s a reality of international commerce that not everyone speaks the same language. While English is rapidly becoming the vernacular of choice for the business community, it doesn’t yet enjoy widespread adoption. Mandarin Chinese, German, and French are all languages used widely in business deals across the world, so if you need to provide your financial statement translation to someone abroad, you’re going to need the services of a professional translation service.

Since your business deals are highly important to the success of your company, make sure that you obtain that valuable financial statement certified translation. A willingness to translate those documents shows that you’re flexible in your business approach and will cater to clients who don’t speak the same language. This international show of good will can only help to raise the esteem of your company.

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Immigration & Customs Enforcement officials have notified an American citizen that they will suspend the deportation of his Venezuelan husband this Thursday, after months of anxiety and legal document translation. The move is a first for the Department of Homeland Security and comes amid speculation that President Barack Obama may suspend the deportation of all same-sex spouses from the country.

Henry Velandia, a professional dancer from Venezuela, married his husband Josh Vandiver, a college student, in Connecticut, where same-sex marriage is legal. They currently reside in New Jersey, which does not recognize same-sex unions.

However, that makes little difference – despite all the legal document translation the couple obtained, they still cannot get around the Defense of Marriage Act. The much-maligned law, passed during Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1996, imposes a federal definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.

Attorney General Eric Holder had intervened in a similar case held by the Board of Immigration Appeals, where an immigration judge used DoMA to attempt to deport gay man from Ireland, splitting him from his spouse. The judge in that case halted proceedings; the judge in Velandia’s case stopped his review after the decision, waiting for clarification from Holder.

ICE, part of Homeland Security, announced the decision by indicating they would have discretion in deciding whether to suspend deportations of same-sex spouses in the future. Therefore, it is possible that if you obtain the correct legal document translation services, in the future you may be able to immigrate to the United States even if you are in a same-sex marriage. In the mean time, it’s comfort to similar married couples that their union will not be split due to an overly harsh law.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, you run a business, or you’re working for a government: A financial statement is a necessary for you to “balance the books.” If you run or work for a business – or just need a way to track what you’re buying! – you’re going to use a financial statement. And if you have any international business dealings or need to prove your finances abroad, a financial statement translation is absolutely necessary.

In this article, we’ll take a look at financial statements, why you might need one, and why you can’t forget that financial statement translation!

What is a financial statement?

A financial statement illustration, showing how your business's assets should equal your liabilities and equity. | Financial Statement Translation

A financial statement illustration, showing how your business's assets should equal your liabilities and equity. | Financial Statement Translation

Assets? Check. Liabilities? Check. What am I talking about, you may ask? It’s a balance sheet, one of the four main types of financial statements. They offer a detailed list of an individual or company’s assets (things a company owns with value, like machines or patents), liabilities (amounts owed to others, like rent or payroll), and shareholder’s equity, which is the cash that shareholders put into the business. Put another way, equity is what’s left over when you pay off all your liabilities and sell all the assets. Detailed lists such as that absolutely require financial statement translation if you have international business translation needs!

The second type is an income statement, which shows the revenue earned over a specific time period, including net earnings or losses. Businesses also use cash flow statements to see how much money they have on hand – an important reason for financial statement translation, if your multinational business has money flowing between locations and needs a way to track it. The final type is a statement of shareholder’s equity, which gives investors in your business an idea of how much their stake in the business is worth.

How can a financial statement translation help me?

Individuals, businesses, and governments all have good reasons to utilize financial statement translation. A person investing in foreign stocks, bonds, and other property will need to know his or her liabilities by way of an accurate translation. A business with locations abroad needs accurate financial statement translations to track their revenues from overseas branches. A government with business investments in other countries needs to keep tabs on cash flow.

Who can perform my financial statement translation?

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