Spanish Document Translation

Certified translation Spanish documents are a crucial part of your immigration. You want only the most accurate translations so that they pass muster with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. You also want fast translations to meet those important deadlines as well as affordable translations so that they can fit your budget.

To obtain these crucial translations, you need to obtain the services of a certified translation company that can provide you accurate USCIS documents at a low price. But why is this important certification necessary? Here are two big reasons you’re going to need certified translation services to have them accepted by USCIS:

1) USCIS requires each certified translation Spanish document to have a USCIS certification.

Your USCIS documents are required under immigration regulations to contain a USCIS certification. That important document attests to the skill and professionalism of the document’s translator. Not everyone can certify your documents with the same reputation that a top certified translations company can provide.

2) You want only the most accurate translations to ensure that your documents get accepted.

Do you know English and Spanish? Even if you understand both of those languages, be wary in performing a certified translation yourself. That’s because there are nuances and tricks to translation that only an expert in the industry would understand. Otherwise there’s a risk that your translations will be inaccurate – and even one inaccuracy can throw all the other documents provided under a microscope. Even one certified translation Spanish mistake can cause your translations (or your entire application) to be rejected by USCIS.

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If you’ve been following immigration news lately, you’ve noted that many US states have enacted restrictive immigration laws to deter the presence of undocumented immigration. While these methods are controversial and likely unconstitutional, the Supreme Court has yet to make a final ruling on whether these laws are invalid. Furthermore, federal inaction on comprehensive immigration reform has led to this patchwork of legislation. Whatever state you live in, it’s a good idea to obtain Spanish to English certified translation to make sure you have the proper ID.

But what states have passed these restrictive laws? This article lays out three of the most restrictive immigration regulations in the country.

South Carolina

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed this controversial bill into law June 27, 2011. The law requires police to call federal immigration officials if they suspect someone is present in the country illegally. It also creates a new police force designed to ferret out fraudulent identification. Having Spanish to English document translation so you can obtain reliable forms of ID in this state is a must if you are an immigrant.


The first of the controversial state immigration laws, in effect for over a year, is also one of the most harsh. It allows police to ask for the immigration status of any individual who appears to be an undocumented immigrant. It also puts harsh penalties on employers who fail to check immigration documentation. Again, a Spanish to English document translation will assist in getting identification to prove to officials that you’re present in the country legally.


With one of the most restrictive immigration laws in the nation, it can be absolutely crucial to obtain Spanish to English document translation in this state. Not only does it have many of the same requirements as the Arizona law, but it also makes it illegal to give a ride to an undocumented immigrant or rent housing to one! Alabama’s government is attempting to make everyone in the state into an immigration official. So make sure that Spanish to English document translation is done soon.

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While United States businesses often seek out foreign markets for their goods, it’s not often realized that international companies love to invest in the US. Some may be obvious – very few people would think that IKEA is an American-run corporation. But some are surprising – did you know, for instance, that DHL is a German corporation?

Often more surprising are the Latin American countries and companies that invest in American goods and services. Here are three major economic players in the United States that may surprise you:

Grupo Bimbo

While the name may sound silly, you’ve likely indulged in some of Mexico-based Grupo Bimbo’s many baked goods. Ever had an Entenmann’s cake? They’re owned by Bimbo. What about a Thomas’ English Muffin or a Boboli’s pizza? Also owned by Bimbo. Goods that are considered as American as apple pie are in fact provided to us by increasingly multinational corporations who require Spanish document certified translation to communicate with home offices in Central and South America.


Did your sidewalk just get resurfaced? Or are you looking to fill in that nasty pothole in your driveway? Then you’re likely purchasing your cement or ready-mix concrete from Cemex, a Mexican company that has emerged as the No. 1 supplier of those products in the United States. The company even employs 10,000 American employees for its cement business, making them a major supplier of American jobs and a major user of Spanish document translation services.

Gerdau Ameristeel

It’s well-known that the closure of steel mills across the country contributed to a huge loss of American manufacturing jobs, earning the Great Lakes region of the Midwest the nickname of “The Rust Belt.” But a major investor in manufacturing jobs at small towns such as Wilton, Iowa, is the Brazillian-owned steel company Gerdau Ameristeel. Arriving in 1999, the company now owns 17 steel mills and has emerged as the fourth-largest steel producer in the United States. Not only did it bring new management techniques to the mills, but also a new language, Spanish, requiring Spanish document translation services.

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