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Certified translation Spanish documents are a crucial part of your immigration. You want only the most accurate translations so that they pass muster with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. You also want fast translations to meet those important deadlines as well as affordable translations so that they can fit your budget.

To obtain these crucial translations, you need to obtain the services of a certified translation company that can provide you accurate USCIS documents at a low price. But why is this important certification necessary? Here are two big reasons you’re going to need certified translation services to have them accepted by USCIS:

1) USCIS requires each certified translation Spanish document to have a USCIS certification.

Your USCIS documents are required under immigration regulations to contain a USCIS certification. That important document attests to the skill and professionalism of the document’s translator. Not everyone can certify your documents with the same reputation that a top certified translations company can provide.

2) You want only the most accurate translations to ensure that your documents get accepted.

Do you know English and Spanish? Even if you understand both of those languages, be wary in performing a certified translation yourself. That’s because there are nuances and tricks to translation that only an expert in the industry would understand. Otherwise there’s a risk that your translations will be inaccurate – and even one inaccuracy can throw all the other documents provided under a microscope. Even one certified translation Spanish mistake can cause your translations (or your entire application) to be rejected by USCIS.

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Any time you’re translating an English document into a foreign language (or vice versa), you need the services of a certified translator to do the job right. While you may possess some of the language skills necessary, only an experienced certified translation company has the resources to give you a 100% accurate translation. And that couldn’t be more important than with financial document translation.

When dealing with financial documents, you want your translations to be spot-on. Here are three good reasons to seek out accurate financial document translation:

1) You want only the most accurate translations for your business dealings.

When providing a financial document translation to a business or corporate client, you want them to get the full, accurate picture. Mistakes will only confuse your dealings and hamper the deal. With an accurately translated financial document, your company will gain success and recognition as a thorough, careful business.

2) Your immigration may count on accurate financial document translation.

If you’re applying for a visa, then you may have to obtain a financial statement translation. With that document detailing your finances, you can prove to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that you have the means to support yourself and don’t need a financial sponsorship while in the United States. The US government doesn’t want to take in immigrants who will end up requiring government assistance, so an accurate calculation of how much money you have and what expenses you can incur will make your immigration easier.

With a financial document translation, you can see that your dealings abroad become a lot easier. Whether you decide to come to the US with an employment or family visa, or you want to contract with companies abroad, having that accurate set of numbers will make it easier for others to understand your financial situation.

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A certificate of translation is a necessary step to your United States immigration. With it, you can rest assured that your documents will pass muster with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Your translations will not be delayed while USCIS officials determine whether the translation is accurate and authentic, and you’ll receive your visa even faster.

And that’s important, because USCIS is notorious for delays. Even a minor slip-up in your translations may require you to either send in another batch of translations to USCIS (costing you more money) or your application will be rejected outright. You don’t want to deal with either of these scenarios when it comes to your immigration.

So you’ll need to obtain a certificate translation. Here are three reasons why a certified language translation is a good move on your part:

1) A certified translation proves that your translations are authentic.

USCIS wants to have no questions as to the authenticity of your translations. Immigration fraud is a huge problem for officials, who must weed out the bad seeds before they receive their visas. So USCIS officials will look to your certificate of translation to determine who performed the translation and, therefore, if that translation is accurate.

2) Your translations are required to have a certificate of translation by USCIS!

You probably know if you’re immigrating to the United States that a certified language translation must be provided with all documents you submit to USCIS in a foreign language. What you may not realize is that a certificate of translation is also necessary for your translations. USCIS wants you to obtain this important certification in order to know who performed the translations, in case there’s any question as to their authenticity. Not including it can cause delays and rejections.

3) A certificate of translation gives your documents a sense of legitimacy in the eyes of government officials.

Whatever you end up needing your translations for (whether it be a visa, driver’s license, credit card, or other ID), there will always be questions as to the accuracy of that translation. A certificate of translation gives an air of credibility to any document, allowing that authority figure to trust in the words printed there – and to process your request quickly.

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Your USCIS birth certificate is one of the most important identifying documents you can possess. It records important information about you: your name, your birth date and place, and your parents. Using it, you can obtain identification, apply for immigration, among a host of other things.

Unfortunately, that important document is also highly valued by fraudsters and those wishing to steal your identity for immigration purposes. Rampant identity theft of these important documents can lead to someone stealing these important documents and creating ID, credit cards, and loans from your good name. A less-than-reputable translations site could take your original USCIS birth certificate, copy it, and create a facsimile that can be used for identity theft and fraud.

And identity theft can have huge consequences. Your credit score will plummet, making it considerably more difficult to borrow for loans. It will take years to clean your name and reputation. So protecting those important documents should be your top priority when seeking a dossier translation of your important documents.

What can you do to prevent identity theft? Probably the most important thing is to never go with a certified translation company that asks you to send in your original documents. That is a clear trigger that the company wants to engage in fraud. Any reputable translations company will merely ask for a copy of your USCIS birth certificate, by either scanning it in and sending it electronically, or transmitting it via fax. While no method of transmission is 100% reliable, it still ensures that your original documents are safe in your hands.

If you think you have been a victim of translation company shysters, contact the three credit agencies immediately and ask them to put a hold on your account. This will prevent someone who has stolen your USCIS birth certificate from opening credit cards or applying for loans without your permission. Your identity will then be safe from the worst.

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Murphy’s Law states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” This old adage is one that the majority of us can relate to – how many times have we thought we’re in the clear and accomplishing something, but then we realize that the whole situation has been upended?

Anyone who is applying for an international adoption can definitely relate to this feeling. If it’s not a forgotten piece of paperwork, it’s an unexpected charge from an adoption agency or attorney for services. Or the country of adoption suddenly has a hang-up on some nit-picky point relating to the adoption.

This couldn’t be more true with a Haitian adoption. Haiti’s president has indicated he will be enforcing the Apostille translation requirements of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption, and that he intends to have the country ratify the treaty by the end of his term in office. For those who went through all the preparation and work of their international adoption, it seems like the government has just thrown a wrench into the works (no matter how well-intentioned that wrench was).

An Apostille translation requires that your translated documents – and the originals – receive an Apostille. That’s a fancy name for what amounts to an international notarization. This certification makes it clear to any countries who are parties to the Hague Convention that these documents can be trusted, avoiding the issues of fraud that are unfortunately present in some adoption cases.

But you’re not trying to commit fraud – you just want your adoption processed quickly so that your children can join you in the United States. So you need to seek out an experienced translation and Apostille translation company that can accomplish the task.

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