Legal Document Translation Services

Legal documents can be important aspects of your immigration. If you need affidavits from people in a foreign country for an asylum or family visa application, then they’re going to need to be translated into English from whatever language they were in originally. And that is going to require a legal certified translation from an experienced, certified, and professional translations company.

When dealing with legal documents, you want to make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases. Often you’ll have to obtain a sworn statement, otherwise known as an affidavit, from an interested party. Perhaps you need someone overseas to attest to conditions in your home country and why you’re applying for asylum. You’ll also need that document to be notarized, too.

But most importantly, you’ll need to obtain a legal translation certification for those documents. That’s because United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires (by law) that each translation you provide be certified by an experienced translator. The translator must attest to his fluency in both English and the target language, as well as the accuracy of the document in question. When that is done, then you have a legally authenticated, as well as certified, document that can be submitted to USCIS.

While anyone can sign a USCIS certification, it’s a rare company that can promise that the translation is 100% accurate and won’t be rejected by USCIS. My Certified Translations promises that each and every of its certified translations, as well as legal translation certification, will not be rejected by USCIS. In fact, they offer a 200% moneyback guarantee to back up that promise if it is rejected by USCIS.

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You’ve created the invention of the century! Now you wish to patent that useful tool in the United States in order to market and sell it there to millions of paying customers. It’s relatively easy to get people to buy your new gizmo (just look at all the ridiculous things they sell on late-night TV!), but to actually patent it is quite a long, arduous process. Many of these are left to the work of an experienced patent attorney.

But if your notes and documents on the invention are in a foreign language, you’re going to need to translate legal documents – and accurately too. This is called getting a certified translation. With any important, detailed legal document, you need to make sure that every word is correct.

That’s because often a court case can come down to how one word or phrase is interpreted! It’s ridiculous, but contracts and patents are very sensitive creatures, and just one disturbance can potentially render the whole paper invalid. That’s not something you want to risk when dealing with your important paperwork. So find a complete that can translate legal documents accurately.

What are the best things to look for when choosing someone to translate legal documents? You want someone who can promise accuracy, privacy, and low rates. Accuracy is crucial when you translate legal documents because of what was just mentioned above. Privacy is highly important because of attorney-client privilege. You want to ensure that your documents remain confidential. And low rates are needed because you’re already paying enough for your lawyer to perform his services!

My Certified Translations can provide all these services and more with accurate, certified translations that are the lowest in the industry AND the best. For more information, a free price quote, and a consultation on what translation services are right for you, call 800-281-5084 or visit their free instant quote page to find out more.


Over the last few months, many US states have chosen to pass tough, restrictive immigration laws to prevent undocumented immigrants from being able to remain in the state. Despite the contradictions that such rules cause with the federal government’s stance on immigration (that is, that the federal government is the only one who can constitutionally regulate immigration), the laws continue.

Mexican birth certificate translation or consular documentation could be used to prove your US citizenship. However, that technique is becoming more difficult with the advent of laws designed to prevent certain types of identification from providing your citizenship or legal authority to be in the United States.

The state of Arizona recently passed one such restriction on immigration, restricting the use of consulate identification in proving that an individual is permitted to be present in the United States.

What does this mean for you? It means that obtaining a legal form of identification in the US is more important than ever. There have been cases of US citizens and permanent residents being arrested and detained by police even though they were legal residents of the country – all because they didn’t have the correct documents. Mexican birth certificate translation can help you to obtain an Arizona driver’s license or other important documents.

Mexican birth certificate translation needs to be accurate, too, to ensure that it will pass muster with government officials. Otherwise, you could see your request for identification be delayed or rejected. Make sure to find a reputable certified translation  company to perform your Mexican birth certificate translation.

My Certified Translations has been performing certified translations for over 30 years. Their team of translations professionals can get you the best translations at a price you can afford. For more information and a free price quote for what services are right for you, call 800-281-5084 or visit their free instant quote page to find out more.


A certified translation of official documents is an important task that should only be left to the professionals. When it comes to your immigration and/or naturalization, it’s necessary for you to have all important documents on hand. And that doesn’t mean just your marriage certificate – a divorce certificate translation may be required in order to complete your immigration successfully.

If you’re immigrating to the United States on the basis of marriage to a US citizen, you may think that there’s little point in having documents other than your marriage certificate translation. Normally, you would be right. However, there are other key documents that may need to be provided to United States Citizenship and immigration Services. One of those translation official documents happens to be your divorce certificate translation.

The United States government has a strong policy against multiple marriages. Starting with laws enacted against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the late 19th and early 20th century, the rules against bigamy have been well-defined in this nation and have found their way into the immigration code as well. If you’ve been married before, then the US government will want to make sure that the previous marriage has come to an end – hence the need for a divorce certificate translation.

This translation official documents is absolutely necessary, even if your divorce was years ago. And if USCIS discovers that you lack this important document, then it’s possible your application could be delayed – or even denied outright! When it comes to your important immigration matters, you just can’t afford to risk having your visa application denied. That’s why translation official documents is an important step to take with every document you need translated.

My Certified Translations can provide you with the best, most accurate, and fastest marriage and divorce certificate translations available. Their team of dedicated professionals will perform accurate translations for any documents you require. To start today, call 800-281-5084 or visit their free instant quote page.


As you know, the international adoption process is a lengthy affair. While primarily designed to protect the safety and wellbeing of both the child (or children) and their adoptive parent or parents, it can literally take years to fulfill all of the requirements. Meanwhile, your child remains in their home country.

There’s also the concern that the adoption and Apostille process can be delayed indefinitely. Just look at Guatemala’s adoption situation with the United States: in 2008 Guatemala stated it would not accept any new adoptions from the United States, after the US government raised concerns whether the country fulfilled its requirements under international adoption treaties. While current adoptions were allowed to be completed, those who hadn’t gotten the process underway yet were left with a bitter choice: wait for the suspension to be lifted and spend years apart from your children, or adopt from another country?

Therefore, any way you can save time and money in the adoption and Apostille process will help you tremendously. A great first step is to hire a competent adoptions attorney who can navigate the process for you. While the State Department has great information on the international adoption and Apostille process, it can be difficult to navigate those tortuous waterways without an experienced captain at the helm. Your attorney can be that guide for you and your family.

The second way to save time would be to find a competent translations company who can also handle the Apostille process for you. This is because almost all companies will only perform your adoption certified translation OR obtain Apostilles for you – not both. This unfortunate issue means you’ll have to negotiate prices with two separate entities – and wait for your documents to arrive from the translator before the Apostille can be obtained – delaying the process even more.

A few companies, such as My Certified Translations will handle both the translations and Apostille process for you and your family. By consolidating both services under one roof, they’re able to offer customers low, competitive rates. They also offer rush translation and Apostille service if you just can’t wait for your adoption to be underway.

If you’d like to start your translations and Apostille with My Certified Translations today, call them at 800-281-5084 or visit their FREE instant quote page. Their adoption translation specialists can give you a free consultation and find out what translation and Apostille services are right for you.