Marriage Certificate Translations

On the other side of the world, love has found you. After your joyous marriage, you and your new spouse have decided to return to the United States. Being a US citizen, you petition for your new husband or wife to receive a marriage visa. United State Citizenship and Immigration Services, who handles your spouse’s new immigration, requests from you a translation official documents, including your marriage and divorce certificate translation.

Wait – divorce certificate translation? That’s right – if you were married prior to your immigration, then USCIS requires you to provide a divorce certificate translation to prove that marriage is at an end. While the requirement may seem a bit excessive, it is steeped in solid policies dating back over a hundred years.

After the federal government’s crackdown on multiple marriages, also known as bigamy, against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as the Mormon Church), the law has held a high disregard for the practice. This sanction against multiple marriages has also made it into our country’s immigration code.

A divorce certificate translation means that USCIS will know that your former marriages have ended. This is important because USCIS is dedicated to rooting out immigration fraud, mostly notably in the area of marriage visa fraud. Some sources estimate that 25%(!) of marriage visas are fraudulently obtained! Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that you distinguish your immigration from this group so that you can pass muster with immigration officials.

In order to obtain the best immigration document translation and divorce certificate translation available, find a company that’s been performing translations for decades. You may want to go with a group that only performs translations, too – that way you know they’re dedicated to making them 100% accurate.

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A certified translation of official documents is an important task that should only be left to the professionals. When it comes to your immigration and/or naturalization, it’s necessary for you to have all important documents on hand. And that doesn’t mean just your marriage certificate – a divorce certificate translation may be required in order to complete your immigration successfully.

If you’re immigrating to the United States on the basis of marriage to a US citizen, you may think that there’s little point in having documents other than your marriage certificate translation. Normally, you would be right. However, there are other key documents that may need to be provided to United States Citizenship and immigration Services. One of those translation official documents happens to be your divorce certificate translation.

The United States government has a strong policy against multiple marriages. Starting with laws enacted against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the late 19th and early 20th century, the rules against bigamy have been well-defined in this nation and have found their way into the immigration code as well. If you’ve been married before, then the US government will want to make sure that the previous marriage has come to an end – hence the need for a divorce certificate translation.

This translation official documents is absolutely necessary, even if your divorce was years ago. And if USCIS discovers that you lack this important document, then it’s possible your application could be delayed – or even denied outright! When it comes to your important immigration matters, you just can’t afford to risk having your visa application denied. That’s why translation official documents is an important step to take with every document you need translated.

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Hundreds of thousands of immigrants travel to the United States legally every year. Many more slip over the borders undetected, hoping for a better way of life in America. And then there are US citizens who help those travel over the border without documentation, often providing a fake translate marriage certificate to avoid suspicion.

Four Florida residents were sentenced today in an illegal immigration marriage scheme. The citizens were the leaders of a ring that provided falsified documents, bogus marriage ceremonies, and even coaching on how to pass the USCIS interview process. There were at least seven clients of the ring’s services over the last year and a half.

Tina Sun, 51, the purported ringleader of the group, didn’t receive jail time for her part in the scheme due to her cooperation with investors, but she was forced to give up her home and over $15,000 in other assets to pay the government’s fines against her. Pedro Rodriguez, accused of marrying a woman from the Dominican Republic for the sole purpose of obtaining a marriage visa, was sentenced to 11 months in jail for the fake translate marriage certificate. Investigators said he received $5000 – $10000 for engaging in the marriage certificate fraud.

The case shows that while it is difficult for immigration officials to keep track of all the marriage fraud, it does prove that if you translate a marriage certificate that’s fraudulent, someone receiving your visa application may be watching.

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US citizens with foreign spouses can usually petition to have their husband of wife live with them in the United States. This process is usually quick and easy for the majority of bi-national couples. Bi-national gay couples aren’t afforded the same luxury, due to a controversial federal law called the Defense of Marriage Act, even if they’ve obtained marriage certificate translations.

However, one couple’s success with having Immigrations and Customs Enforcement cancel their deportation case could signal an attitude within the executive branch as to how the law should be enforced concerning certified translation.

On Wednesday June 29 Henry Valendia, a Venezuelan national, and his husband Josh Vandiver, a US citizen, received notice from ICE officials that they are officially canceling deportation proceedings against Valendia. The decision marks the first time that immigration officials have voluntarily canceled deportation against a gay married couple.

While some are confident that the decision could have far-reaching impact for bi-national gay couples who have obtained marriage certificate translations but are still denied visas because of DoMA, immigration officials claim that no policy change has taken place.

“There has been no change in policy with regards to deportation cases affected by the Defense of Marriage Act,” said ICE spokeswoman Gillian Anderson.

But some are confident that attitudes are changing, with gay rights groups citing a recent Department of Homeland Security memo granting discretion to cases where a spousal relationship may be torn apart.

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What do you think you might need to successfully bring your spouse to Canada? A proper marriage certificate translation? Some other forms? Maybe a marriage interview to prove that your union is indeed authentic?

That apparently wasn’t enough for Canadian immigration officials, who admitted they severely botched the immigration of a citizen’s Nigerian wife and kept the couple in legal limbo for over two years.

Gideon Christian and his wife Chinelo Ekpunobi married in September 2009 at a large wedding ceremony in their home country of Nigeria. Christian then returned to Canada to continue studying at the University of Ottawa for a degree in law. He filed the appropriate paperwork, including a marriage certificate translation, for a spousal visa so his wife could join him in Canada.

While the expected wait time was eight months, Ekpunobi instead underwent two years of repeated medical tests, only to see her application delayed over and over again for more tests, including an alcoholism screening test (even though Christian’s wife doesn’t even drink).

“It was really terrible for me,” said Ekpunobi. “It strained our relationship a little.”

Christian considered canceling his studies and returning to Nigeria until The Star brought the case to the attention of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, who said the repeated requests for tests were due to a technical error. This could have been avoided with a properly prepared certified translation. Ekpunobi’s visa was approved, and the couple joyously reunited in Ottawa June 30. Sometimes, even with the right forms and an accurate marriage certificate translation, your fate still lies in the hands of a government agency that can make some painful mistakes.

Ekpunobi says she wishes to obtain a graduate degree in law at the University of Ottawa to study alongside her husband. Their field of interest? “Immigration law.”

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