Transcription Translation

When every word counts, you rely on the skills of an experienced transcriptionist to get down every word uttered. Certified transcriptionists can type as fast as 200 words a minute – or even faster! The transcriptionist will record the proceedings in the language being uttered. In order for someone who speaks another language to understand that important transcription, they should seek a competent translations company who can provide an accurate translation transcript.

Different skills are needed for each job. For a transcriptionist, speed is essential. And to be fast, you have to extensively understand the English language and possess top-notch grammatical skills. Experience in the field in which you are transcribing is essential to be able to quickly understand and record the important words.

A translator performing a translation transcript, on the other hand, is expected to thoroughly understand the language and grammar of BOTH target languages. And fluency is not enough on its own – the translator must understand the culture and context of the conversations taking place. This is because context is everything when it comes to translation – words can mean different things depending on who is saying them and how they are being said. It really takes a skilled certified translator to perform a translation transcript.

A transcriptionist needs to have great listening skills. He or she must be able to listen at the same time as typing – a multi-tasking brain is essential for this job! Understanding pronunciation and different dialects is key to making sure that the dialogue is accurately recorded.

On the other hand, the maker of that certified translation transcript needs to understand more about human nature in order to correctly produce an accurate transcript. Not only do the words need to be correct, but to create an accurate transcript you must understand the reasons behind the speaker’s words. It really takes a top-notch certified translations company to produce an accurate translation transcript.

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It’s important that when conducting a trial, every word, every sentence, every name be translated accurately. If not, it can severely impact important trials with ramifications across country lines. These aren’t just your everyday contractual disputes, either – in this case, the mistranslations come during an important war crimes trial before the International Criminal Court. An inaccurate transcription certified translation could truly effect the course of this trial.

The International Criminal Court has been hearing the case of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, brought to trial in 2007 after serving in the Union of Congolese Patriots in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Prosecutors have accused him in his trial, which began two years later in 2009, of recruiting, conscripting, and using child soldiers in a war against Congolese civilians. The defense has just been granted the rights to make arguments in 2010.

However, Lubanga’s defense has raised issues that the transcription translation may have been inaccurate, potentially affecting the outcome of his trial defense. The official languages of the International Criminal Court are French and English, but sometimes a third language is also used in the transcript, making the possibility of errors a very real risk.

Any international trial (or one encountering two or more languages) runs these risks of being lost in translation. Trials in the United States – especially immigration cases – are often delayed months or even years, until a certified transcription translation service can be obtained that can translate to and from the target languages. In the mean time, clients sit in jail, which can be a harrowing process for the defendants and a costly one for courtrooms and lawyers.

In order to obtain the most accurate transcription translation service available, find one that offers to translate to and from any language. Also seek out a service with years of experience in obtaining transcription translation. That way, you can be sure that your transcriptions are 100% accurate.

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