Translate Medical History

When you need official translation documents, you just can’t rely on an automated translation tool. But when someone’s life is at stake – and you need translation immediately – you turn to technology for solutions.

That’s just what two fourth-year medical students from University of California San Francisco did, by developing the mobile medical translation software MediBabble. The app is designed to communicate necessary medical questions and garner information from patients who may not speak English well – or at all.

“Ninety percent of diagnoses come from the patient’s self-reported medical history, so the ability to communicate is critical,” Blau said. “Time is not an asset doctors or patients have. You need that information when you need it.”

The idea, born out of late-night coffee klatches between Brad Cohn and Alex Blau, translates simple medical history questions into foreign languages for the San Francisco demographic: Russian, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Haitian Creole. While not smart enough to offer official translation documents, the tool is nevertheless a lifesaver in the ER, when how fast you can treat a patient can make a huge difference.

The tool is offered free of charge to the general public both as recognition to the many collaborators who made the project a possibility, as well as to serve health professionals across the world. Development of the software will continue, with additional languages such as French, German, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic on the horizon.

MediBabble, available in the Apple App Store for free of charge, is a great tool for quick translations. But when you need an entire medical history translated, or any other translation of official documents such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or diploma, you need to choose a professional translation company with years of experience.

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