Certified Translations

Certified Translations

Your immigration or adoption can be the most important event in your life. So when it comes to obtaining certified translations to submit to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, you don’t want to go with a translation company with a record of bad mistranslations. You only want the best USCIS certified translation for your immigration documents.

Where can I go for certified translations with 100% USCIS acceptance rate?

Contact My Certified Translations, of course! For over 30 years we have been successfully performing certified translation for a variety of individuals and businesses. Customers have been drawn not just to our low rates and fast service, but our dependability and professionalism. In fact, we guarantee that your certified translations will not be rejected by USCIS.

Tell me about your USCIS certified translation guarantee

Your immigration document translations are THE top priority for our business. We want you to get the best translations possible so that USCIS will not reject them. Therefore, we offer a 200% money-back guarantee. Due to our 100% USCIS acceptance rate, we have yet to pay any claims – but you can rest easy knowing that we guarantee the accuracy of your translations.

Our guarantee is this: If USCIS rejects your certified translations, we’ll refund you double the cost of your certified translation service. That’s right – we’ll pay you for the trouble if USCIS rejects your documents. Our 100% USCIS certified translation accuracy rate has led USCIS to name us as a recommended provider of translations, USCIS certified.

Tell me about the professionalism and accuracy of your translations

Our translators are only the best in the business, with over 10 years of experience translating your target languages. We only hire the most professional translators to ensure that we keep our 100% USCIS accuracy rating for certified translations. We maintain our reputation with individuals, businesses and USCIS by only choosing the best of the best to work for My Certified Translations.

How can My Certified Translations get started on my certified translation today?

Contact us at 800-281-5084 or click here for our online, FREE instant quote page. Your certified translation needs will be evaluated by a customer-service specialist, and you’ll quickly hear back from us with a quote for services.