Diploma Translation for International Students

Diploma Translation
for International Students

For those applying to schools abroad, a good diploma translation can make the difference between getting into a school or being rejected. Unfortunately for many applicants, it can be hard to find a good translation.

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Some of the most common reasons are:

  1. Translations done by non-native speakers of either language
    Many translators are simply students of the language. And while students can be great speakers, they can also struggle in places where a native speaker wouldn’t. At My Certified Translations every diploma translation is done by a native speaker of the original language and, if possible, the second language as well. By working with a global network of translators, we guarantee what other companies can’t: accuracy.
  2. The translator has no experience with academic language
    Many translators are people who are simply competent in English and another language–not people with specific translation experience. This means that many academic terms or language can be completely lost on them–and then translated completely wrong. At My Certified Translation we make sure that every member of our global translator network as experience with diploma translation, so that when they’re handling yours they make no mistakes.
  3. The diploma translation is returned formatted differently and poorly
    The grades on your translated diploma aren’t the only thing that should impress admission officers–it should also look as good as the original. Too many companies return a poorly formatted translation that doesn’t look like the professional document is should be. At My Certified Translation we ensure a high quality look for all of our diploma translation for international students. We take pride in our work and we want our results to look as good as yours.


Diploma Translation for International Students - If you’re a student looking to study internationally, an accurate diploma translation is essential. At My Certified Translations we have over 30 years experience with document translation. Thousand of students have trusted us with their translation and gotten fantastic results — join them by contacting us today.