How It Works

How It Works

You need your certified translations delivered quickly.

We can help — it’s as easy as ABC:

A. Submit your documents to My Certified

You can either submit scanned copies of each page of your document to us or fax them to us at 1-866-333-1394. Please remember to include your name and phone number.

For your security, we prefer not to accept originals in person or by mail. Original documents are not needed for the Certified Translations process and you should keep your original documents in a safe place at all times.

B. A staff member will call you to identify your requirements and give you a price

How It Works - No two documents are alike! At each document is given the individual attention it deserves. A staff member will call you personally to discuss your requirements, your deadline and answer your questions. It is this personal attention that has ensured that we maintain our 100% acceptance rate with USCIS since 1980.

After we’ve spoken with you, we’ll give you a price quote and arrange a secure payment method. As soon as payment is processed, your document is translated and the certification process begins.

C. You receive your documents on the date that you choose, by the method that you choose

How It Works - When you get your Certified Translations in the mail, you’re ready to submit them to USCIS or another government or official agency.