USCIS Certified Diploma Translations

Diploma Translation

Diploma translation is one of the most sought after translation services today. While diplomas are not as popular as birth certificates and other legal documents submitted for translation, it does hold various purposes especially for individuals who wish to continue their studied abroad. There are many uses of diploma translation — translated diploma as well as school transcripts may not only serve as tickets for continued schooling, but as well as supplemental documents when applying for a visa or other forms of identification.

A lot of individuals come to the United States to study. They have either applied to get a degree in a college or university in the United States, or have been accepted to scholarships in prestigious academic institutions.

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Not all of these students hail from countries that speak English, thus it is common for them to present school transcripts and diplomas written in their native language. Since these papers are not immediately understood by the offices that request for them, these will have to undergo diploma translation first.

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These days there are a lot of companies and individual translators that offer diploma translation. However, it is best to rely on professional diploma translation providers above anybody else. This is because professional diploma translation providers are capable of:

  • Screening the diploma before actual translation — Screening the diploma’s contents is essential so that the right terms and phrases will be used upon translation. Diplomas contain rather special wordings to increase their formality, thus the proper translation terms have to be used.
  • Fast translations — Diploma translation is made faster because the process is done by teams, not individuals. Translations include proofreading and editing to make sure that the translated draft clearly represents what is said on the original document.
  • Certification and notarization — Professional diploma translation also includes certification that the translated draft is true and authentic. A lot of academic institutions and other offices seek translated drafts that are certified as authentic; there are also agencies that require these papers to be notarized so that they can be used for official purposes.

Diploma translation is ideal not just for students who wish to continue their education in the United States, as well as graduates who wish to work for US-based firms. By being able to present authentic papers and their corresponding translations, they will be able to process their respective intentions in moving to the United States.

Mexican High School Diploma Translation

Mexican diploma translation is one of the most common types of diploma translation. The United States has significant Hispanic communities, and most of these consist of Mexican immigrants. Younger individuals who have crossed the border from Mexico to the United States are usually compelled to finish their studies sooner or later, and this is where a Mexican high school diploma translation comes in handy.

Mexican high school diploma translation is intended for diplomas and transcripts provided by individuals who studied in schools in Mexico. These diplomas and transcripts are written in Spanish, thus they have to be translated accordingly in order to be accepted by English-speaking institutions in the United States. By having these translated, students will be able to transfer to American high schools and universities and continue their education.

Mexican high school diploma translation is also important for immigrants as it helps transform their diplomas to be understandable by employers. Individuals who wish to work in the United States are required to submit a copy of their diploma and school transcript, and these papers are only examined if they are written in English.

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Mexican high school diploma translation is as well useful as diplomas and transcripts are also submitted as supplemental identification documents when applying for a visa or upgrading a Hispanic immigrant’s residency status. If your visa is about to expire, then you will be required to submit a copy of your translated diploma and school transcript in order to avail of an extended stay.

Through a Mexican high school diploma, Hispanic immigrants are able to continue their education and at the same time enjoy better privileges in the United States. Through their translated documents, they can also work on their residency status better and eventually work on processes towards becoming naturalized citizens of the United States.

Russian University Diploma Translation

Russian university diploma translation is another common type of diploma translation, but this time it is sought mainly by Russian nationals who wish to settle in the United States. Russian immigrants move to America to study, work and establish lives on what they call greener pastures. Since they use a different language and writing system, their documents, particularly their academic papers, require translation to English in order to be accepted in government agencies, academic institutions and employment firms in the United States.

Russian university diploma translation usually takes longer than usual, but it is quite understandable because the process does not only include the translation itself, but as well as the conversion from Cyrillic to Roman script in order for the translated diploma to be understood by English-speaking readers. After the translation process, the diploma is then certified authentic so that it can be used for official purposes and other intentions.

There are many benefits of using Russian university diploma translation. For one, the translation process guarantees accurate and authentic drafts which represent the contents of the original document. Diploma translation also offers certification to prove that that the translated draft is representative of the Russian diploma, and this can be done through a notarization process conducted by the translation service itself, something not present in human translators.

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The costs of Russian university translation tend to be higher than that for other diploma translations, but given its benefits and conveniences, the service proves to be worth the price. By having properly translated diplomas and transcripts, individuals may not only be able to enter the United States legally, but as well land on good employment positions and find better career and education opportunities, but as well as enjoy a pleasant stay in the country, as they have their diplomas to present whenever needed.

Where to Get Diploma Translation

There are many places to get diploma translation. Individual translators offer diploma translation services the same time with professional translations. However, since diplomas are considered official documents that have to be presented in certain offices, they have to be properly translated, polished and certified authentic.

If you are planning to seek diploma translation, then it is best to rely on professional translation services instead. It is where most individuals go to when looking for diploma translation, as their academic papers are properly examined, translated and certified, making them ready for presentation to the offices and agencies that request for such documents.

Professional diploma translation services first screen the diploma and see the language, structure and other elements found on it. This is followed by the translation itself, which is conducted by translation teams and not just individuals. With teams handling the projects, better accuracy is guaranteed upon the completion of the translated draft. Once finished, the translated diplomas are submitted for certification and notarization so that they can be used for various purposes.

There are many uses of a translated diploma. Foreigners who have moved to the United States are able to find good colleges and universities for them to continue their education, or land on good-paying jobs at reputable companies. They are also able to secure identification documents such as a driver’s license or update their residency status using a properly translated diploma.

The costs of diploma translation can be quite expensive as compared to simple translation. The process also takes a few days to complete. But if there’s any consolation, translated diplomas become useful for various means once they are presented to the offices and agencies that request for them, making intended applications faster to be approved. Because of these benefits, the price and waiting time for the diploma translation proves to be worth it.

How to Get Diploma Translation

There are many ways to get diploma translation. There are a lot of professional diploma translation providers present, and they have offices usually located in business districts in order to be closer to their usual clientele. However, there are also a lot of online diploma translation providers, and these tend to be more convenient and accessible to customers, especially those living in faraway countries.

If you are planning to move to the United States to work or study, then you will definitely have to work on your diploma and school transcript. This is because the processes which you will go through in order to attain lawful entry in the United States require presentation of various documents, including diplomas and transcripts. Because of this, you will be required to seek diploma translation services.

Diploma translation providers, particularly those online, will require you to submit a scanned copy of your diploma attached to an email. The diploma will then be screened, translated, proofread and edited so that it will be able to properly represent the text written on the original document. Once this process is complete, the translated draft will have to be certified authentic. Some translation providers provide only proof of certification of authenticity attached to the translated draft, while there are also those that make it a point to notarize their translations before submission to their clients.

It takes up to five business days to complete a diploma translation project. This is actually a very reasonable timeframe especially for languages that are difficult to translate. However, the waiting time is worth it, as the translation clearly represents the message conveyed by the diploma without compromising the quality of both languages in terms of grammar and structure. With a translated diploma at hand, clients are able to apply for a visa, secure extended residency periods, apply for better educational packages and as well find good jobs in the United States.

Notarized Diploma Translation in New York

Notarized diploma translation in New York is probably the most sought after type of diploma translation these days. The reasons for this are quite understandable though, as most companies and academic institutions in the United States only accept applicants who are able to provide authentic documents and properly certified translations of their academic requirements, particularly that of diplomas and transcripts.

In a notarized diploma translation in New York, the diploma undergoes a rigid translation process that begins with screening, followed by translation from the original language to English, conversion to the Roman writing script (whenever necessary), proofreading and editing checks, and finally, notarization to certify that the translated draft is true and authentic. The notarization seal is quite important for the translation, as it serves as the mark of validity of the translated draft. With the seal intact, these papers are ready for presentation whenever they are requested by offices, schools or universities.

Notarized diploma translation in New York tends to be more expensive than regular translation. This is because the translation also involves legal processing by a lawyer duly recognized to notarize such documents. Also, since the papers are notarized, the finished translations will then have to be delivered to the client’s address through courier mail as notarized translations could not be sent through email attachment. Clients who are living in New York may pick up their translated drafts in respective offices though. The costs for delivery will then be removed, making their total expenses cheaper than expected.

Notarized diploma translation in New York offers a lot of benefits to clients. For one, such diploma translation service offers stable, accurate and high quality work in order to suit customer preferences. Aside from this, notarized translation in New York makes it a point that translated drafts adhere not only to language and structure standards, but as well as legal protocols so that these could be presented to courts, law firms, immigration offices and other agencies that will require their presence. Clients are able to secure their IDs, get accepted to reputable academic institutions, land on good job positions in companies, and as well process their residency in the United States smoothly with a notarized translated diploma at hand.