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Our Guarantee


My Certified Translations  our guarantees
all of our certified translations. Since 1980 USCIS has accepted an astounding 100% of our Certified Translations of birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, diplomas, academic transcripts, financial statements and all other related documentation.

No other company can make this claim!

Our Guarantee – Our “secret” is in our staff, which is comprised of experts who have worked in this field for an average of 10 years before handling your documents. MyCertifiedTranslations.com has a long history of providing quality translations to USCIS and other governing and official agencies, and is listed as a recommended provider of certified translations by USCIS itself. Our staff includes former USCIS mangement and our training program and quality assurance process is second-to-none in this industry.

MyCertifiedTranslations.com is a proud provider of official translation services to individuals all around the United States